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Jewel in the Desert
All is fair in love, war and casino hosting
I really haven't updated this in awhile... Well since like almost two weeks ago... April has honestly been the craziest month imaginable so far... I've had the car in Halifax since my mom is in Mexico for two weeks, and therefore I've been doing the job hunt thing ( I have a 2nd interview around the 17th for a boat tour guide job on the waterfront which would be AMAZING *fingers crossed* ) and I really need to start looking for a nighttime waitress job....  Gah....

Then classes ended - along with papers and what not due - and then exams started - bring on the redbull and late night studying - and it was also Dan's Birthday, Dan's Suprise Birthday Party, Easter, and then our One year Anniversary Monday.... so between shopping for him, party planning ( I organzied the whole party ) and yah... haha

ALSO i joined the gym... yah... which results in plenty of me being away from my appartment and working out while reading cosmopolitan.. its fabulous

But only two more exams left and then I think my life will hopefully wind down a little... Atleast for me to take a breather frequently on here...

Dan & I are going to the Casino tonight.... *Can't wait!* We're actually going to the all-you-can-eat buffet but a little black jack never hurt anyone right? This time I'm hoping to actually not lose  $40 like last time...

I haven't even had time for tv lately... The only thing that I've kept up with is, well, Entourage coming back.... GOD I love that show.... Honestly, Ari makes me think thoughts I would never have otherwise thought about Jeremy Piven haha.... And Eric how I love Eric... THEN Dan and I have been keeping up with The Bachelor... I'm in love with Andy, it's just whack cause I don't know... A lot of the girls he likes really aren't that hot.. haha poor Dan who loves this show for the hot ladies... But its true... But Andy is adorable and yah...

Also... I'm leaving One month and a Week from next Sunday for Alberta for two weeks!!!! SO excited....

K thats all for me now... CIAO!

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Are you all in?
black donnellys was cancelled.... and there goes my tv life...

las vegas is done for the season.... the o.c. is done forever.... weeds is done for season... rome is done forever....  and i've pretty much given up on prison break...

but why oh why... black donnellys..... *flails*

OH atleast Entourage is back this weekend.... and The Bachelor... who by the way, im IN LOVE with... he's such a cutie...

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im a blonde idiot sometime... i cannot get enough of this 'The Next Pussycat Doll' show... lol and Muchmusic is having like a marathon of it right now... LOVES IT. and it just dawned on me that I actually have seen these girls in concert...

i know i havent posted in forever... i suck... its the end of the year and it's always that way.. of course this time last year im pretty sure i was finding tons of time to post - especially with the Junos - hard to believe a year ago this weekend... I met soo many celebrities, got tickets to the JUNOS, saw Coldplay and Black Eyed Peas... it was incredible...

a week from tomorrow is dan and i's one year anniversary..... ♥ ♥ his birthday is thursday... such a busy busy week...

The Bachelor is back tomorrow... SO excited... The Bachelor was always like Dan and I's monday night ritual.... from the first episode on.... We were total Sadie troopers and even though Lorenzo didn't pick Sadie, in the end they ended up together... awww... ♥

Black Donnelly's has been so good the past few weeks - i love it. I can't get enough of Tommy and his emo-hotness.... ♥

I've totally lost track and not so much interest but I dont know, in Prison Break... and I realize its the season finale so I may have to watch it...

I've just kinda been out of tv mood lately... I started working out hardcore - joining to the gym tomorrow. I did my free trial last week and loved it, so now I'm in exercise mode and no time for tv between working out, school, and dan.. plus I went home for some of the weekend and that didn't help....

ROME o h m y g o d ..... the series finale.... AHHHHH..... i hate that HBO isn't bringing this show back...... i love it... i SERIOUSLY love it....

anyway.. i just wanted to post to avoid studying but its innevitable now... then again the pets need to be given attention... lol

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Are you all in?
sometimes i think it would be fun if st. pattys day happened like a few times a year... but in all seriousness.. my liver couldn't handle it  if it happened more than once... this year was probably the best one yet... i didn't get to start drinking at 10am as I had hoped BUT i had gone out drinking the night before to the point of passing out... So yah... Starting drinking at like 4pm on St.Pattys day seemed to make more sense...  Needless to say... Dan + his crazy drunken best friends = fabulous night.... And even though I bitched and whined the whole way home when we had to WALK in DOWNPOURING rain and wind from downtown to my appartment at 3am ( I was wearing a tanktop, denim jacket, skirt and open toed heels ) its kinda funny now that I think of it when I'm all warm and cozy... lol plus the hangover aspect the next day... sleeping all day in bed with Dan and MacDonalds food for hangover supper, while watching Supertroopers curled up with my boy was most pleasurable... anyway you can see the pics under the cut....

so there's like 2weeks and 2 days of classes left.... *shudders* thats insane... where in the hell did the year ago?

also dan and i's one year anniversary is april 9th... once again.. where in the hell did the year go???

And I really need to a) find a summer job in halifax... thats always fun... and i need something thats gonna allow me to make lots of money because im going to be broke otherwise.... b) find a nice appartment.. not that mine now isnt nice but ive been here two years and I really need a bigger place and a change....  and c) i need to get my ass down to Nubody's and join the gym asap before I get my Maid of Honour dress fitted in a month... yah...

for now though I think I'm either going to go write a paper OR watch the Departed....

quickly tho.... Prison Break!!!! Why can't all men be like Michael Scoffield? And C-Note.. I really hope you have the happy ending you deserve but lets be serious here.. You're on Prison Break... it ain't gonna happen.

Speaking of Emo-Boys BLACK DONNELLYS .... Tommy just gets me all knotted up into an emo mess every time I watch this show... I've watched the eppy twice now and gah... He's just soooo powerful without even saying anything at all... Jenny is skanky and I love her for it but she needs to get skanky with Tommy again cause I prefer him much better than Mister "Oh Tommy, I'm doing the right thing by telling you I banged Jenny last night" Sampson. But yah this show is utter bliss....

Sadly, I keep having to remind myself that The O.C. isnt comin back EVER  *cries*

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300 is fucking amazing.......

that is all

ps: to whoever created the imax... you are also amazing....

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since i didn't have as much work to do this week.. only an exam to study for and a group presentation - oh not much work at all -  ... i decided to have some fun with the good ol' On Demand on my digital cable... and randomly ended up watching all of season two thus far of ROME... sweet jesus....  what an amazing HBO offspring.... im so sad its the last season.... i need to download all of season one now and fall in love with it too...

but honestly, one of my favorite Shakespearean plays is Antony & Cleopatra.. and umm yah Antony is hot as hell.. and Cleopatra is sexy as hell...  I heart her... And Octavia is darling... she's sooo cool for a Roman chick with her opium orgy parties.. and her love affair with the hottie working for her big bro Caesar....  GAH! SUCH A GOOD SHOW!

Black Donnellys ... very quickly... i need to get to bed, group presentation in the early am....  Tommy is seriously love... I heart him and his emo-ness SO much... at the end.. When Jenny left with Sampson.... *gasps* I had like tears in my eyes for him.. he loves her SOOO much and it its BEAUTIFUL.. lol

i'm out!

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"Cannonball" by Damien Rice and hot sex between Tommy & Jenny just goes together so lovely ♥ ♥ ♥ ....

It's 2:40am... which means its Monday... which means BLACK DONNELLYS is on tonite.... I haven't been this squeeish since Prison Break last year.... when i was ALL about the Michael & Sarah. Don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to the day those two will finally end up in Panama together and have little MiSa babies but until then, I'm putting more of my fangirl energy into Tommy & Jenny cause those two CLEARLY have no problem making me *squee* at home....

this past weekend was a GONG SHOW..... a rather good warm up for the weekend thats to come... St.Pattys day is going to an absolute Shit Show and It's going to be FABULOUS.

anyway.. I'm gonna post pretty pics from the weekend tomorrow I think... I need sleep now and have an exam in the am... so yes.. sleeps probably a great idea....

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Yah so the Black Donnelly's sex scene with Tommy & Jenny might be this years new Marissa/Volchuck moment of hotness.. which... actually it was around this time last year that the episode with the Marissa.Volchuck scene aired.. ironically.. after seeing that insanely hot scene I remember posting on here about hoping to find a gorgeous stud at Pacifico that Saturday... now don't go thinking I meant to slut it up like Marissa.. but yah long story short I met Dan that Saturday.. haha... Of course I didn't bring him home that night but yah.. 2 weeks later tho, once we started dating my hiting up against walls sexiness that was the volchuck.marissa scene wish came true... on more than one occasion... *blushes*

Speaking of Donnelly's... I changed my user pics around and now every post has the same userpic for some odd reason... So sorry for the blandness of having the same user pic for every previous post... sometimes me and LJ just don't get along...

Speaking of Pacifico (see above) I'm finally returning tomorrow night.. I haven't been since last April... I guess without Tiff it just seemed a sad sad idea BUT the Tiffer is back in town as of tomorrow... Making a one night only appearance... AND it's Larissa's 22nd Birthday Ninja Pumped Style for the second year in the row.... Larissa I hope its even more NINJA PUMPED than the first one was... and then some...

 - the guy down the hall in my appartment was smoking pot for like the past two hours.. i was getting use to the fact my appartment was basically hot boxed.. NOW they are smoking cigars... but then again, a good cigar does smell heavinly sometimes... anyway.. for an appartment building with more adults than students im surprised this kid is getting away with it so often without complaints... yah thats all i had to say about that -

Entourage is back a month from today. Thank Fuck.

I've been majorly strung out with school. money. LIFE. lately... so i think i'll be posting on here more... comments are love...

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I have so many things on my plate right now - I dont even know where to start. So naturally, I'm on here updating for the first time in a week.

Ive concluded lately that I really do have an awesome life right now. Like I've always been blessed with a great life but its of particularly greatness lately... things are SO great with Dan.... I've never been so in love.... 

Booking my plane tickets tonight to fly out to Alberta for my best friends wedding in May... VERY excited.. This is also the trip that I will be seeing The KILLERS..... SO Psyched....

Havent seen Prison Break from last night yet.... It was kinda one of those do I wanna watch it or do I want to twist sheets *blushes* Luckily Dan fell asleep after so I was able to watch The Black Donnelly's... This show is just WOW....

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Ummm so Black Donnelly's might just be the show I needed to cure my soon to be withdrawal from The O.C.

all i can say is that i freaking love this show... and the hot sexy romance on it is just what i need in a tv show.... plus I heart Jonathan Tucker (Tommy) and I simply love Olivia Wilde (Jenny) and therefore their hot romance is now going to cause hundreds of *squees*

God sometimes I wish I was Irish...

oh.. and Prison Break?????? Sweet Lord....

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